Chris Rector's Annual Hungry 4 Some Supper Myself 5K/10K Walk/ Run

November 12, 2016



Hungry 4 Some Supper Myself - Helping Community

Hungry 4 Some Supper Myself is a non-profit trust set up to help Chris achieve his goal of helping people! The proceeds from your donations and also those raised from our race, will go to benefit the Baraboo Food Pantry and will help fund a scholarship in Chris's name. We also want to use this opportunity to educate people about organ donation. Chris made this very personal and generous decision at just 16 yrs of age. He said that if he could no longer use his organs but might help someone else, he wanted/needed to donate his organs and give someone else the chance to live a life full of family & friends. Christian helped 3 people get a second chance at life! Please help us help Chris! Please educate yourself on organ donation. It is the greatest gift you can give of yourself!


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Top Donors

Mike & Jane Wood $250
Sophie Tessner $100
Reed & Kathy Wells $100
Michael Weber $50
Joe & Charlotte Dorn $50
Michael J. Seminetta Jr. $25
David Birchler $25
Russell Rothman $25
Rick Mills $20
Atley Navanale $20
Kim Griner Heinz $20
Rebecca Brenson $20
Bob & Bernie Frank $15
kristi chlebowski $10
Lisa Stout $10
Patrick Lang $10
Allison Tenpas $10
kurt Pickar $5
Cassie Frank $5
Cheryl Goeckermann $5
Jessica Baier $5
David Witthuhn $5
David Witthuhn $5
Beth Mislivecek $5
Wendy Cole $5
Kevin Menard $5
Ann Zimmerman $5
Izzy Jackson $5
Gregg Schulz $5
Jolene Schulz $5
Jayna Schulz $5

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